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Deep Woods

The name is absolutely appropriate.

It's about one mile back on a dirt road that has 2 stream crossings on the way up. "Deep Woods" is 8 miles from the quaint city of Brevard, NC where I grew up and came back to after 10 years away to enjoy life with my family. It was until last year a summer camp for boys. Kells, the owner was like our crazy uncle and one of the greatest mentors of my entire life.

Deep woods taught me that obstacles and setbacks were a way of life in the outdoors, but you must figure out how to endure so the fun stuff can continue. We were Outward Bound before there was such a program. We took city kids and emersed them into nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. They came to us fairly helpless, but they left with new friends and a much greater knowledge and respect for the outdoors. We had fun, made lifelong friends and took risks that no one would let us take today. It helped us grow into who we are and taught us who and what we wanted to be.

Have a good attitude or shut the hell up was the unwritten rule, because there was justice if you did something stupid. We rocked the boat all the time, but the goal was never to flip it. Metaphorically or actually, take your pick. We would often run down the this huge hill playing capture the flag, face plant into a cowpie, get up pissed off and then wear it like a badge, because regardless we still took your flag.

The camp is now Deep Woods Lodge. It sleeps 48, has a lake with high dives and a diving board. I has a rope swing and had a zip line that you would scream down into the lake and heaven forbid if you let go. I was blessed and brave enough to go down it backwards hanging by my knees and survive. Now days insurance says “ I do not think so”. There is the lodge with a giant stone fireplace, ping pong (the camp sport - I was 4 time champ and still have game), a piano and bats in the rafters. There is a full kitchen to serve and a front porch for sitting and watching the sun set.

Every time I visit I have that feeling that I am home. Now it is my vision and endeavor to show it to another group of campers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is open for rent and we need groups to visit and help Kells with his retirement. We welcome weddings, bicycle groups, runners, paddlers, adventurers or anyone that has a good attitude. Put your cell phone down, It does not work here anyway. Close your laptop and come take a giant leap off the high dive. Fall is here and it is getting cooler everyday. Soon the leaves will fall and our season will be over until spring.  

Now go play outside - Life is calling!

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